Who We Are

Sentinel Infrared Imaging, Inc. is a Veteran-owned small business that focuses on providing strategic planning, business development and product marketing to other small businesses in the defense and particularly the defense imaging sector.

The Principal consultant at Sentinel is a seasoned entrepreneur and business executive with over 25 years in business and almost 30 years in uniform. He’s spent the past fifteen years in the defense industry with several different manufacturers of infrared imaging technologies while gaining significant experience in strategy, business development, new product development and programmatic. He has significant experience in multi-sensor ISR and targeting systems with demonstrated success in marketing systems for maritime, airborne and land-based applications.

Sentinel has a team of associates who represent the best and brightest of defense and commercial imaging technologies. These seasoned professionals have an excess of 30 years apiece in component and system development of all types of images and lasers in all spectral bands. From equine to war fighting applications, we’ve got talented professionals who can help guide your decision making and assist as necessary with product planning, feature development or business development. And their experience doesn’t just involve imaging technologies. So if access to defense markets is one of your desires, we can help.