What We Do


Sentinel has been under instruction by a commercial small business to help them gain access to the defense market place.  This business has a well-established track record of growth in their sector but no experience in working with the DOD or DHS directly or via defense prime integrators.  Sentinel is helping them understand their options to gain market access via both business-to-business and business-to-Government.  Sentinel is also helping this partner understand research opportunities within the defense research network, how to apply for funding and compete for research awards.  If your business has no experience in the defense marketplace, Sentinel can help you understand what it takes to enter the potentially very profitable defense industry and help you get there.



Sentinel is working with an engineering design firm with a strong track record working for other major companies to begin to design their own product line.  This is a multi-phased project that involves competitive analysis, market analysis, product road mapping, and development of product specification.  Once these new systems go into development, an entire marketing launch plan will be developed.  A new promotion strategy is underway to include trade shows and a revamped web site.  If you want to take your small business into new products for new markets, Sentinel will help you get there.



Sentinel is helping a foreign-owned firm gained access to the US defense market.  This firm is already established in the US, but production remains overseas.  This makes embracing some of the contract vehicles available to US manufacturers difficult to use.  We’ll be analyzing the merits of US-based production but more importantly, what it takes to be successful in the defense industry as a foreign entity.  If you are a US or foreign company with off-shore manufacturing, there are still avenues to work within the US defense industry as a partner and supplier.  There are certainly compliance issues to be dealt with, but a seasoned partner can help.



Sentinel has been helping a major defense Contractor with the sale of surplus material from a cancelled defense program.  Sentinel has been using extensive industry contacts and experience in the salvage sale of distressed commodities to put together a plan for execution.  Domestic and International avenues of sale are being investigated with both direct sale, and auction web sites being used.  This is quite a unique skillset that few consultants would take on.  However, all surplus items have some value and Sentinel can help you find a market for them.