GAU-18 ASP Maritime

Sentinel client flexFORCE displays ASP stabilized weapon mount aboard STILETTO

Sentinel client flexFORCE of Portland, Oregon its trade show debut last week in National Harbor Maryland when it debuted its recently developed ASP stabilized weapon mount.  The ASP is a culmination of years of work and an Army PEO Aviation PhSTILETTOase II SBIR to create a crew-served stabilized weapon mount for H-60 Blackhawk helicopters.  Last year Flexforce designed a marinized version for naval use that has been under test and qualification via a CRADA with NAVSEA Crane.  Last week, the ASP was publicly displayed for the first time aboard the STILETTO test craft that was pierside for the Sea-Air-Space expo.  The ASP will undergo further live-fire testing aboard the STILETTO during the summer of 2016.  To date, live-fire testing has proven the ASP to be as accurate as any of the remote weapon stations in use by U.S. forces.  Further on-water testing should validate this lighter-weight and lower-cost mount will provide at least a ten-fold increase in accuracy for M2 and M240 crew-served weapon mounts.

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