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Dronebuster completes evaluation at Yuma

Sentinel client Radio Hill Technologies http://www.radiohilltech.com completed their participation in the Army REF’s (Rapid Equipping Force) Desert Chance 3 technical evaluation this week at Yuma Proving Ground in New Mexico.  Desert Chance 3 was designed to test and evaluate emerging counter-drone technologies.  Radio Hill demonstrated their hand-held jammer Dronebuster in multiple scenarios over the month-long evaluation.  Weighing less than 4 lbs., the Dronebuster proved to be the most popular handheld jamming device tested by representatives from all DOD branches, US Federal Agencies, and numerous foreign militaries. Radio Hill CEO Jake Sullivan commented “the Dronebuster is clearly the easiest to deploy and use for short-range counter-drone applications.  We hope to see it in use protecting DOD personnel very soon.”

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